Gianluca de Tiberiis

Super Clubs, Corporate Events, Private Events.

Here you'll find everything you need to know about my career to date, including my extensive celebrity CV of parties, pictures, links, testimonials, press and contact information.

If you're planning an event that includes music then its vital you get the sound right for the crowd, or all your effort and hard work could have been in vain.

I have been professionally DJ'ing for the past 15 years and have played to some extremely well known celebrities at hundreds of parties and events.

I am also used to travelling worldwide to some weird and wonderful locations through my work, art and passion... DJ'ing!

The style of music I play can vary depending on the type of party, the theme, and the guests that are invited. However, for me the music must be an uplifting and soulful experience no matter what  direction the event takes, leaving the guests fulfilled and always wanting more!

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